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Comprehensive review of Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this detox tea.

Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day ReviewProduct Name:  Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day

Overall Rating:  1.5 Stars

Morning or Night:  Morning and Night

Price:  $29.00

Teabags or Loose Leaf:  Loose Leaf

Servings Included:  14

Cost Per Serving:  $2.07

Laxative Ingredient(s):  Senna Leaf

Moneyback Guarantee:  No

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Ingredients:  Boost Morning Tea: Ashwaganda Root, Celery Leaf, Goji Berries, Jasmine Tea, Lemon Grass, Nettle Leaf, Sencha Green Tea,Yerba Mate

Cleanse Evening Tea: Senna Leaf

Overall Opinion:

I wasn’t a fan of this detox tea, especially all of the side effects it gave me.

I ended up ranking it 1.5 out of 5 stars.

This detox tea comes with two teas, the morning one you drink daily for 14 days, and the evening tea you drink every other night.

The evening tea is a straight laxative tea; the only ingredient in it is Senna Leaf.  For those of you who don’t know, Senna is a very powerful laxative.  So I really didn’t like the evening cleanse tea.

Surprisingly, both of the teas tasted pretty good, but that still didn’t make up for the fact that one was a laxative tea and literally made me sick to my stomach.

I don’t consider laxative a healthy way to lose weight.  I became dehydrated and very tired while using Skinny Tea Detox Tea.

So overall, I think there are better and healthier detox teas out there.

Detailed Opinion:

Ease of Use

So, this isn’t the easiest detox tea to use.  There’s one tea you drink in the morning, and one tea you drink every other night. Both of them are loose leaf teas, and it doesn’t come with a diffuser.

The Morning Boost Tea you steep 1 tsp for 5 minutes.  With the Boost tea, I found a lot of it escaped the diffuser and wound up floating around my cup.

The Cleanse Evening Tea you steep 1 tsp for 10 minutes, which seems like a very long time to steep Senna tea for.  Be prepared to run to the bathroom!  The Senna Tea was different in that it contained full tea leaves, they weren’t ground up super fine like they usually are.  It literally looked like I took some leaves from my backyard and was steeping them.

The night tea you only need to use every other night, so make sure you follow directions because it has a strong laxative effect.


I enjoyed the taste of both of these teas.

The morning tea has a light berry taste that comes from Goji Berries.  It’s a pretty mild tea, but it’s very flavorful and delicious.  I could easily drink it daily, and I looked forward to it.

The evening tea isn’t as tasty, but it still tasted pretty good.  I was actually surprised, because the only ingredient in this one is Senaa Leaf, so I expected it to taste awful.  It too was pretty mild, but it had more of an earthy tea flavor.

Ingredient Analysis

The ingredients in the Boost Morning Tea are pretty good. The first ingredient in it is Ashwaganda Root.  This root is said to be effective in treating many ailments, although there’s not enough info to prove it’s helpful for any of them.  It’s supposedly good for anxiety, asthma, insomnia, and many more issues.

The morning tea also included Celery Root, which is a great ingredient for cleansing.  It can help cleanse your kidneys, help with digestive issues, and is also said to be good for your colon.

Goji Berries are another ingredient in the morning tea. Not only do these berries taste delicious, but they’re also packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

Green Tea and Yerba Mate give the morning boost tea a little kick of caffeine as well.

The Evening Cleanse tea only contains one ingredient, Senna Leaf.  This is one ingredient I’m really not a fan of.  It’s a very strong laxative, and in my opinion, it’s not a healthy way to “detox” or lose weight.  The evening tea is essentially a really potent laxative tea.


I didn’t see very good results while using this tea.  The only thing I noticed is I lost a pound or two of water weight due to using the restroom excessively.  Using a laxative to lose weight or “detox’ just isn’t healthy, and I immediately gained the weight back as soon as I stopped the tea and hydrated my body.

I just felt kinda awful while using Skinny Tea Detox Tea; I could tell that the effects of the tea were taking its toll on my body.

I’m really not a big fan of teas that contain strong laxatives, because they dehydrate your body and for me are unhealthy because of how much they have me running to the bathroom.

I felt good after using the morning tea, but every other night when I’d drink the evening tea, it would start to go downhill from there.

Side Effects

Like I mentioned earlier, I found myself using the restroom way too often due to the laxative effects of Senna Leaf.  I was also dehydrated and exhausted due to this side effect.

My stomach also hurt a few times after drinking the evening cleanse tea.


Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day is $29.00.  That works out to over $2.00 per day, which is actually on the pricier side as far as detox teas go.


No, I couldn’t find any money back guarantee on their website, which I was really disappointed about.

Where To Buy

To buy Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day, Click Here.

Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day:  Summary

Factor Skinny Tea Detox Tea 14 Day
Overall Rating 1.5 Stars
Ease of Use Not as easy to use, it’s loose leaf
Taste Both of the teas taste pretty good.
Notable Ingredients Ashwaganda Root, Celery Root, Goji Berries, Senna Leaf
Results I didn’t see very good results.
Side Effects I was using the bathroom a lot, had stomach aches, was tired and dehydrated.
Price/Value It’s $2.07 per day which is a little bit more than your average detox tea.
Guarantee No guarantee
Where To Buy Click Here

Skinny Tea Detox Tea Review

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