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Comprehensive review of Tiny Tea Teatox. See what real experts and actual users have to say about this detox tea.

Tiny Tea Teatox ReviewProduct Name:  Tiny Tea Teatox (28 Day)

Overall Rating:  2.5 Stars

Morning or Night:  Morning

Price:  $55.00

Teabags or Loose Leaf:  Teabags

Servings Included:  28 days

Cost Per Serving:  $1.96 per day

Laxative Ingredient(s):  Cassia Seed, Lotus Leaf

Moneyback Guarantee:  No

Where To Buy:  Click Here

Ingredients:  Jue Ming Zi, He Ye, Shan Zha, Lai Fu Zi, Chen Pi, Mai Ya

Overall Opinion:

Overall, at 2.5 out of 5 stars, Tiny Tea Teatox is just an average detox tea.

Nothing about this teatox really stood out to me.

I do like how easy to use the teabags are, and I also like that it’s GMO free, soy free, and dairy free.

I also like how energized and good I felt while drinking this tea.  Although, I didn’t notice any weight loss, I actually noticed I was more bloated while using this tea.

The taste was ok, but nothing to write home about.

The one really annoying thing about this teatox is you have to drink 3 cups a day.  That’s excessive in my opinion.  Most detox teas you only need to drink 1-2 cups per day.

This tea also contains 2 laxatives, which I’m also not a fan of.  I found myself using the restroom more than I usually do.

So overall, this detox tea is pretty average.

Detailed Opinion:

Ease of Use

These teabags are very easy to use, but the thing that sucks is you need to drink 3 cups of Tiny Tea per day.  That becomes pretty tedious, especially if you’re out and about throughout the day.  The directions say to drink the tea on an empty stomach, and avoid drinking it with a meal and at nighttime.  So that kind of narrows your options as to when you can drink it.  So I found it difficult finding time to drink 3 cups of this tea a day.

I like how the teabags come in individually wrapped tea envelopes, which make them easy to throw in your purse if you’re on the go.

The directions say to steep in boiling water for 5-7 minutes.  Be careful not to over steep this one as it contains 2 laxatives.


Tiny Tea has a very herbal taste.  It contains all herbs, and no actual tea, which is different for a detox tea.

The herbs caused it to have a perfume-y taste that was on the weaker side.  It wasn’t my favorite taste, and it got monotonous drinking the same tea 3 times a day for 28 days.

Ingredient Analysis

Tiny Tea lists all their ingredients in Chinese, so I had to look up what each one is.

It contains Jue Ming Zi, which is Cassia Seeds.  Cassia Seeds are from the same plant as Senna Leaves are, and they’re also a pretty strong laxative ingredient like Senna is.  Cassia Seeds can cause your uterus to contract (do NOT drink if you’re pregnant!), and it will also cause a somewhat immediate laxative effect.  I’m not a big fan of this ingredient.

Tiny Tea also contains He Ye, which is Lotus Leaves.  Lotus Leaves are another laxative and is said to have a calming effect on your body.

So right off the bat, this tea contains 2 laxatives that means double the time you’ll spend in the bathroom after drinking this tea.


I noticed while drinking this tea that I felt energized and good, but I didn’t notice any weight loss effects.

On their website, they claim this tea will help your blood get healthier, which in turn will cause you to be healthier.  I’m not sure I’m buying that claim, and how would you measure that anyways?

But I can tell you I didn’t really notice any difference in my weight or bloating.

The good news is this tea seems to make me more energized and I felt pretty good throughout the day.

Side Effects

This tea contains 2 laxative ingredients, one of them being rather strong.  So I did notice I was using the restroom more than I usually do.  Make sure you’re prepared to use the bathroom at least twice per day while using this tea.  I think drinking 3 cups a day is just wayyy too much, and isn’t healthy when it contains 2 laxatives.

I also noticed I was bloated while using this tea.  Strange, because I thought it was supposed to have the opposite effect.


Tiny Tea Teatox is $55 for 28 days, that’s extremely expensive.


They have no money back guarantee, which is a disappointment for me.

You can only return your product within 30 days, as long as it’s unopened.  That’s not a guarantee at all.

Where To Buy

To buy Tiny Tea Teatox, Click Here.

Tiny Tea Teatox:  Summary

Factor Tiny Tea Teatox
Overall Rating 2.5 Stars
Ease of Use Easy to use, but you have to use 3 times a day which is a pain.
Taste Tastes very herbal and weak.
Notable Ingredients Cassia Seeds, Lotus Leaf
Results Didn’t lose any weight or feel less bloated.
Side Effects Using restroom more often and bloating
Price/Value It’s $55 for a 28 day supply… very expensive.
Guarantee No guarantee
Where To Buy Click Here

Tiny Tea Teatox Review

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